We're aware that COVID-19 has created many unknowns for new students with regards to their term, course delivery methods, course load, and how the University is working to help new students transition to remote learning. The most important information we can give new students is that we're here to help you navigate the below process - so don't hesitate to email science.advisor@uwaterloo.ca. There's plenty of information below that can be tricky to navigate regardless of the current pandemic situation we're in, and since the courses and process haven't changed, we expect you'll have questions, concerns, or just unsure of where to start. We're here to help customize your first-year courses to your individual needs during this time.

Helpful links: University of Waterloo Information on COVID-19Accessibility Services, Student Success Online Learning (STEM)Getting Ready to Learn Online, and Centre for Extended Learning - Learn Online.

You will find the required courses for your first-year in Science listed below and sorted by programs.

Here are a few reminders regarding Winter 2021 enrollment:

  1. The Science academic advisors have enrolled you in your required courses according to your program requirements. During the Course Selection Period, October 23 - Nov 5 (see Important Dates Calendar), check that your Winter term courses listed below match the courses listed on Quest and do not make any changes to these courses.
  2. If your program requires you to take an elective, please ensure you consider the 'recommended' electives in the Notes section of your program below (if applicable), or consult the course registration information for new students page under "list of courses that may be available to you".
  3. Check that you have a full course load: 5 lectures (LEC, 0.5 unit each) and their associated labs (LAB), tutorials (TUT), and tests (TST), where applicable. If you have to take a reduced course load as part of an individual education plan, please discuss your course load with an academic advisor from the Science Undergraduate Office.

Important Information to Consider

Required courses

Science Undergraduate Office (SUO)

The Science Undergraduate Office (SUO) is in the Science Teaching Complex (STC) building, room 2031.

Phone: (519) 888-4567 ext. 35244.

Email: science.advisor@uwaterloo.ca.

Office hours:

  • Monday: 9:30 am to 4:15 pm
  • Tuesday through Friday: 8:30 am to 4:15 pm