Future PharmD students

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The PharmD program is a four-year undergraduate professional program, leading to an entry-to-practice Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Our graduates are highly-skilled, motivated, passionate health care providers who make a difference in the world. 

The University of Waterloo's PharmD program is the first and only co-op pharmacy program in Canada.

Learn more about our innovative curriculum on the program overview page.


How to apply

High school student pathway

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Are you an outstanding high school student interested in pharmacy? Learn how to apply for CAP status to be pre-admitted to the PharmD program.

This pathway allows you to become a Waterloo Science student with CAP status and before entering the PharmD program.

University student or graduate pathway

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Are you a current university student or university graduate? Learn how to apply to the Waterloo PharmD program.

This pathway leads you to apply to the PharmD program after you have completed the prerequisite postsecondary-level courses.

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