Terms of reference

This Committee operates under the terms set out in Policy 72.

The University Committee on Student Appeals (UCSA) has jurisdiction to hear and make final adjudication of student appeals concerning:

  1. a discipline penalty imposed under Policy 33 - Ethical Behaviour
  2. a grievance decision in an academic support setting made under Policy 70 - Student Petitions and Grievances
  3. a decision of an associate dean under Policy 71 - Student Discipline where the penalty imposed includes suspension for more than three consecutive terms or expulsion
  4. a decision of the vice-president, academic & provost under Policy 71 - Student Discipline
  5. a decision of a Faculty Committee on Student Appeals
  6. any other matter concerning a student referred to it by the Senate or Board of Governors

UCSA shall consist of 15 members: the chair, 12 members appointed by Senate for overlapping two-year terms (renewable), six of whom shall be faculty members (one from each faculty) and six of whom shall be student members (4 undergraduate and 2 graduate) and two senior academic support staff members appointed by the provost for overlapping two-year terms (renewable), one of whom will serve on a UCSA tribunal when a non-academic appeal is heard. Faculty members on UCSA shall not hold administrative offices at the level of department chair/school director or higher. A tribunal formed to hear an appeal shall consist of the chair of the UCSA, a student member and a faculty or staff member.

Last updated: September 2010