Institution-wide ESG Guidelines

Institution-wide ESG guidelines applicable to all investment funds:

  • Each investment fund must comply with its Board approved Statement of Investment Policies & Procedures/Investment Guidelines
  • All investment approaches must meet the fiduciary obligations and purposes of the investment fund
  • ESG factors are to be integrated with traditional investment analysis and decision making processes to enhance risk management and help identify potential investment opportunities
  • The incorporation of ESG factors into the investment decision¬† making process will not result in lower risk-adjusted return expectations
  • The selection and retention of investment managers and/or direct investments will be based, in part, on the integration of ESG factors
  • Each investment fund will communicate the ESG reporting requirements to its investment managers. Common ESG reporting requirements will be developed for those investment managers with allocations across multiple investment funds. UW may retain an investment consultant to provide commonly required ESG analysis to supplement the investment manager reporting.
  • The implementation of ESG approaches will be supportive of UW becoming a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing (UN PRI)

These institution-wide ESG guidelines will be operationalized through the existing committee structure:

Investment Fund Committee
Registered Pension Plan Pension Investment Committee
Endowment Finance & Investment Committee
Special Purpose Trust Finance & Investment Committee

Finance & Investment Committee

Note: UW staff will ensure that both committees are aware of the other's implementation methods.