Staff member initiated requests (1 or 2 days per week)


  1. Work From Home (WFH) is a regularly scheduled and approved ongoing arrangement initiated by the staff member whereby he or she works from home for a maximum of two (2) days per week.
  2. A staff member and manager enter into a WFH agreement recognising that it is in the best interest of the university/group/department and the staff member with respect to satisfying the requirements of the job.
  3. The primary place of work is the University of Waterloo and a permanent ongoing work station/office will remain available for the staff member.
  4. Any WFH arrangement is at the sole discretion of the manager.


  1. The motivation for the WFH arrangement is not the provision of dependent care by the staff member at home while working.
  2. Does the nature of the work and requirements of the job allow the staff member to work successfully from home on an ongoing basis? If so, for how many days per week?
  3. Is it practical and an efficient use of resources for the work to be completed by the staff member working from home?
  4. What additional resources are required (e.g., print resources, computer equipment, or internet access)? If additional resources are required, does the staff member understand that provision of these resources is normally his/her responsibility?
  5. Can output be monitored and/or measured?
  6. Will there be an impact on the work of others (e.g., department meetings, service desk schedules, availability to other members of the university during usual business hours, supervision of or collaboration with other members of the department)? If so, can the impact be accommodated by the staff member or the department?
  7. Is there agreement on how flexible the staff member can or will be regarding shifting the arrangement to accommodate for departmental needs for a particular time period (e.g., a specific week or term)?

The agreement

  1. Where a WFH proposal is approved, the terms and conditions of the agreement are recorded using the accompanying attachments.
  2. Signed copies of the agreement are retained by the manager, staff member, and Human Resource.
  3. Human Resources records and tracks WFH agreements university-wide.

Work from Home Guidelines for Staff Member Initiated Requests (1 or 2 days per week).pdf form and self assessment