Statutory Compliance Program

The Statutory Compliance Program monitors the University of Waterloo's statutory and regulatory obligations.

At the University of Waterloo, this program includes the following activities:

  • Annual reporting to the Audit & Risk Committee
    • The Secretariat provides annual reporting to the Audit & Risk Committee of the Board of Governors by means of a report by the Associate University Secretary. The report is supported by verifications signed by managers with front-line compliance responsibility. 
  • Reporting to the Building & Properties Committee
    • As part of it's duties, the Building & Properties Committee​ of the Board of Governors ensure that the University complies with all building codes, fire codes, safety regulations and statutory and regulatory provisions, as appropriate, in its building and properties program, and reviews compliance annually. The University Secretary provides the Committee with an annual report, derived from the report to the Audit & Risk Committee.
  • Statement on statutory compliance
  • Policy Renewal Project
    • The University Secretary manages the library of policies, procedures and guidelines with application from across the University.  An underlying principle of the project is to ensure general coherence between UW policies and relevant statutory and regulatory responsibilities. 
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