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Weekly updates - Feb 27, 2015

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Weekly updates - February 27 - March 5, 2015

Student spotlight - Jesse Lee

Third-year GBDA student

GBDA student Jesse LeeHello! I was born in Toronto, Ontario and moved around to various locations when I was little. After a while, I went back to Toronto and enrolled in Cadet boarding school at Robert Land Academy for two years which helped me grow as a person tremendously. I then went to Mentor College for 5 years in Mississauga before entering Waterloo. 

Weekly updates - Feb 20, 2015

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Weekly updates - February 20 - February 26, 2015


The A-Zed of Audio

Gold bullion bars.

Gold is one of the most durable value keepers in the world. Yet long ago, sneaky folks realized that gold could be mixed with less valuable metals to dilute its purity and create something that may have appeared similar, but wasn't the same. In some movie you've probably seen a pirate or some market vendor bite a gold coin to figure out its purity –that's because pure gold is relatively soft, and a bite could [roughly] indicate its purity.

Weekly updates - Feb 13, 2015

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Weekly updates - February 13 - February 19, 2015

GBDA Startup Weekend Win Re-Cap: Ourotech

My name is Andrea Zehr. I am third-year Global Business and Digital Arts (GBDA) student and a proud winner of Startup Weekend Waterloo Region 2015. This past weekend myself and a fellow third-year student, Jesse Lee were at Communitech competing against other technicals, business professionals and creatives to come up with the best startup idea and pitch.

Saudis in the snow

The winter makes us strong. At least, that's what I need to tell myself as we roll through February and the end of the freezing season still isn't in sight. For many Canadians, this winter is yet another in a long string of winters. A time we may look forward to or dread, and which arrives every year as certainly as our tax forms do. And being the mild-mannered Canadians we tend to be, we quietly bear the frost, the discomfort, the snow, and the fingers that feel like they're about to fall off even when they're covered by the protective armour of gloves.