MDEI Alumni, 2015

Sam Quorbani headshotWhen Sam Qorbani came to Canada from Iran in 2005, he had a deep and varied background in the international construction industry that saw him work regularly with designers. Sam did graphics himself, and was a painter in oils. He found himself wanting to do work that merged his love of technology with his love of art.

Finding a job in Canada proved hard for Sam because he lacked experience in the Canadian market, and so he started his own business in graphic and web design. Within a couple of years, he’d expanded and hired others; with his business thriving, Sam wanted to pursue further training. After taking a certificate in design management, he discovered the Stratford campus’s MDEI program, and knew it was for him.

The MDEI helped Sam learn more about user experience—something vital to his current role in developing an augmented reality game for children inspired by the Montessori teaching method. He found that the program offered a truly multidisciplinary environment, and feels that the MDEI’s greatest strength comes from the chance to work in teams with people from truly diverse backgrounds. Students with education in psychology, engineering, art—all come together to solve and offer fresh perspectives on problems and tasks. Adding to this energy is the high level of entrepreneurship among students on the Stratford campus.

Sam thinks the MDEI is the perfect program for people with a few years of work experience from virtually any background who want to learn more about user experience and are eager to collaborate. For his part, Sam says that the MDEI has expanded both his networks and his knowledge base, and is the “best investment” he’s ever made in his life.

University of Waterloo

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