Micro-credentials and OSAP funding


The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is now offering funding opportunities for micro-credential courses and programs at Ontario colleges, universities, and Indigenous Institutes. 

Micro-credentials are rapid online, and sometimes on-the-job, training programs. They are designed, often with input from business sectors, to provide opportunities for those in the workforce to enhance or upgrade skills. 

The University of Waterloo has a number of approved micro-credential courses and programs listed on the OSAP website.

Applying for OSAP funding for Waterloo micro-credential courses

  1. Confirm that the Waterloo micro-credential course you want to take is OSAP-approved.
  2. Log in to your OSAP account. If this is your first time applying for OSAP, you may need to create an account.
  3. Select and complete the micro-credential OSAP application. You can only be funded for one course at a time through OSAP.
  4. The deadline to apply for OSAP is the last day of your micro-credential course.
  5. Scan, upload, and submit all required supporting documentation to your OSAP application. 
  6. Enrol in and pay for the micro-credential course you wish to take (if you have not already done so).
  7. Once the course has started, we will confirm your enrolment and OSAP funds will be released to your bank account.

Advise the SAFA office if you decide not to enrol or withdraw before finishing the application or if you have any questions.

If you have questions about repayment, please contact the National Student Loans Service Centre for OSAP Micro-credentials program at 1-888-869-2896.


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Full-time OSAP 

  • Supporting documents received the week of Sept 26
  • Appeals received the week of Sept 19