4 Resources to Promote Cycling to Campus

Monday, June 12, 2017
by Katarina Milicic

With warmer weather here for the rest of the summer, many are starting to tune-up their bikes and hit the road to get to school or work! It’s no surprise that people opt for biking to school or work as it can be more cost-effective, healthy, and environmentally-friendly.

To promote healthier and more sustainable commuting options, there are several services and resources offered throughout the UWaterloo campus for cycling to add convenience to your commute. Here are the list of different resources you can use to start biking today!


Student Life Centre in background that says Bike Centre at SLC

The Bike Centre offers several services and opportunities on campus! One of its services include the Bicycle Rental program, which offers affordable and reliable bikes to rent for an entire term. Additionally, you can go to the Bike Centre for maintenance on your bike, which costs $1/hr for using tools or you can even purchase new parts as well.

Location: SLC-0101

For more info, visit their website. 


TravelWise logo

In partnership with the Region’s TravelWise program, you have access to gotravelwise.ca software. On its webpage, you can see the impact of your commute, search for carpools, and track your trips! Throughout the year, there are Region-wide challenges, such as Bike Month, where you can log your trips and have a chance at winning a prize. To start logging your bike trips for the month, you can visit the link below and use your UWaterloo e-mail to sign-up!

To access the software, check out GoTravelWise

For more info, visit the Sustainability Office’s website    


CAB - Community Access Bikeshare with three locations Math & Computers, Dana Porter Library, and Davis Centre

In collaboration with the City of Waterloo, the University of Waterloo is launching three Community Access Bikeshare (CAB) Stations across campus. These stations are located in front of MC, Dana Porter, and Davis Centre. The stations will provide students, staff, and faculty with an easy way to travel quickly across or outside of campus! Students can easily access CAB bikes using an app on their phone.

CAB stations will also support travel by bus and train, so you can take transit to campus and have access to bikes for running errands, getting across the University quickly, or for leisure. 

Locations: Dana Porter, Math and Computer, and Davis Centre

Stay tuned for the launch of CAB Stations!


Clipart of a bike that says research with e-bikes beside it

From electric vehicles to e-bike research, UWaterloo is not short of innovation! The unique "WeBike" project currently being undertaken in the Faculty of Engineering explores the possibility of increasing e-bikes usage in Waterloo. E-bikes are low-cost compared to vehicles or transit options, and come with a far lower carbon footprint. Because they are power-assisted, a major hope for the project is that e-bikes could also make cycling more convenient for people at greater distances or who don't want to work up a sweat getting to work! Stay tuned to hear more info on project updates and pilot phases on the use of these e-bikes.

For more info, visit the Research Team’s website. 

Remember – June is Bike Month at UWaterloo! Summer is a perfect time to start using an alternative mode of transportation that will help shape a healthier and sustainable culture around biking on campus. For all of our Bike Month events, check out the links below!

Check out the Bike Month web page!

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