WAT's Sustainable: The Podcast

WAT's Sustainable, Waterloo? Welcome to the Sustainability's Office's official podcast: WAT's Sustainable?

Why a podcast?Wat's Sustainable podcast logo

We are always exploring new ways to improve our engagement opportunities, and we want to enhance the accessibility of the content provided by the Sustainability Office. We realize that not everyone learns best or enjoys reading articles or watching videos, and that podcasts are a great way to learn and engage while going about your daily activities. We also want to provide materials that support the diverse accessibility needs of our staff, students, faculty and broader community.

What to expect

The podcast will explore various sustainability topics that affect the University of Waterloo and the broader community, how these issues apply to our personal lives, and what you can do to help address them! Each episode will:

  • Define a topic
  • Explain its global (and local) significance
  • Highlight key sustainability issues or challenges 
  • Illustrate what is being done and what you can do to promote sustainability
  • Provide resources for taking action

The podcast is available on Spotify and will soon be available on Google Podcast and Apple Podcast.

Listen now

Go to our podcast feed to listen to the introduction now!

Download the transcription with time stamps and resources. A .txt version of the transcript is also available for accessibility (scroll to bottom of page). 

We want to hear from you!

Do you have any ideas or topics you'd like us to cover, accessibility concerns, or feedback on a particular episode? Email us at sustainability@uwaterloo.ca

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