5 people holding up bags of litter they collected.
Friday, May 3, 2024

Cleaning-up campus for Earth Day

On Earth Day, the Sustainability Office held its annual Campus Clean-up. Over 120 employees and students attended, collecting nearly 50 bags of litter. Cigarette butts were the most common offender which, while small, are very toxic and non-biodegradable. Hopefully, Waterloo’s transition to a smoke-free campus in July of this year will help prevent this waste moving forward.

Litter not only pollutes water but poses a risk to wildlife as well. Preventing the harms of litter is part of our shared responsibility to be good stewards of the land. These organized clean-ups serve as a reminder of that responsibility and of the power of collective action.

A special thanks goes to the participating Green Office departments, including teams from the Centre for Career Development, Centre for Teaching Excellence, Dean of Environment, IAP, IST, Math, Legal and Immigration Services, Library, Plant Operations, President's Office, Provost's Office, Recreation and Leisure Studies, Safety Office, United College, UWaterloo Life, and WUSA. The School of Pharmacy, Waterloo Climate Institute, and Food Services also held clean-ups at alternative times and locations.

The end of April marks the end of Earth Month but the Sustainability Office will continue to integrate sustainability thinking and climate action into academics, operations, and engagement at Waterloo. In May, the office is holding many naturalization efforts including Tree Planting sessions (May 2, 8, and 9), a BioBlitz (May 6-12), and a Seedling Swap (May 15-16). We hope many of you can join us!