Recycling bins


  • Achieve a 60% diversion rate by 2025

  • Become a zero waste campus (90% diversion rate) by 2035 

Supporting SDGs

SDG 12 - Responsible production and consumption SDG 13 - Climate action SDG 14 - Life below water

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Becoming a zero waste campus will require a large shift in the way the campus operates, and we will all need to do our part to limit the waste we send to landfill each and every day! Use these 5 R's as a simple reminder of how to cut down on unnecessary waste and contribute to a sustainable and waste-free campus.

  • Reduce resource use whenever possible
  • Reject products that are disposable or harmful
  • Reuse products or find reusable alternatives
  • Rot (compost) organic waste or use biodegradable products
  • Recycle the rest and make sure to sort properly!

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