On-campus organic waste composting system

TitleOn-campus organic waste composting system
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsMurdock, J.
Keywordscomposting, food waste

There is a need for a comprehensive infrastructure for reclaiming organic food and yard wastes at the University of Waterloo. This report outlines a project whose objectives was to study the present state of the on-campus organic flow wastes, and to design a system to separate, collect, transport, and compost this organic waste. Though the project did take place, the ideal outcome was not achieved due to limiting factors. However, conclusions can still be brought forth from the data that was collected, including that a low cost, low impact solution is feasible. It is also recommended that another person or group use the ideas discussed in this report as the foundation necessary to formulate a new proposal for an on-campus organic waste composting system... For full text, please email sustainability@uwaterloo.ca