2000-01 SYDE 461/462 workshop projects

List of design projects

Following the list of all projects (students, project title, supervisors)

  • Euhan Chong, Julie Kwok, General Leung, Christina Padamadan, Bayne Upton
    The practically perfect prosthetic forearm
    E. Kubica
  • Scott Redmond
    The juggler: a 3-ball juggling mechanism
    John J. McPhee
  • Andrew D. Wiles
    Investigating the biomechanical motion of "heading" in soccer
    John J. McPhee
  • Minh Cao, Evan Davies
    Sustainable water supply in rural India using alternative sources
    K. Ponnambalam
  • Dennis Pozega
    Complexity and engineering design
    James Kay
  • Hasan Shahid
    A systematic approach to innovation
    Larry Smith
  • David Demner, Bettina Hans
    Matchmaker: a jigsaw puzzle solver
    E. Jernigan, P. Fieguth
  • Chris Abraham, Marsin Matuszkiewicz
    Stock market predictability
    Paul Fieguth
  • Larry D'Cunha, Gregory Bootsma
    3D visualization and reconstruction of live embryos from macroscope images
    G.W. Brodland, Jim Veldhuis
  • Eva M. Garcia, Nermeen M. Mikhail, James M. Sinton
    Design of a simulated moving tumor: accounting for breathing in radiotherapy
    Dan Davison
  • Nitin Jain
    Online health-care appointment scheduling
    M. Kamel
  • Mark Chien, Mike Laporte, Shawn Nandi, Glenn Parkinson, John Strevel
    Bluepay: an application of the isolated information island framework
    Dan Stashuk
  • Shane O'Dell
    Designing a web-based content publishing system for multi-input and multi-output content for use in the music recording industry
    Don Cowan
  • Clara Tang, Monica Tang
    Wireless visual data transmission using bluetooth
  • Chris Bardon, David Ferraro
    Online comic book forum
    Barry Wills, Andrew K. Wong
  • Chris Duffin, Nadim Mohamed, Robert Munro
    Wireless personal informaiton system
    Dan Stashuk, Barry Wills
  • Vince Jewlal
    An internet real-time strategy game
    K. Hipel
  • Courtney Raphael, Julie McArthur
    A voice identification security system
    P. Fieguth
  • Jennifer Paau, Marcel Parent, Aaron Sauve
    MVUWATERLOO: a university community portal
    Jay Black
  • Pamela Lauz
    Configuration interface for ASP.net applications
    Carolyn MacGregor, Susan Warren
  • KJ Shipp
    UW alumni e-community
    Liwana S. Bringelson
  • Simon Dimuantes, Jason Gilman
    ROBOTAG -automous tag playing robots
    Jan Huissoon, Sanjeev Bedi
  • Bryon Hayes, Micah Potechin
    Winch laser-based setpoint generator
    Fakhri Karray
  • Justin Chan, Ellen Jan, Rex Shoyama
    Segentation of human tissue in cross-sectional thigh CT images
  • Doug Hemingway
    Visual perception in mobile robots
    David Wang
  • Chris Collins, David Orr
    Hexplorer 2000 - a six-legged walking robot
    John McPhee
  • David Ho, Gustaf Hui, Irene Leung
    Optical transmitter quality control system
    R. Gorbet
  • Stephen S. Koo
    The classic traveller utility: automation for the traveller RPG RPG
    Carolyn MacGregor
  • Alex Tam
    Evaluation of user interface devices in virtual environments
    C MacGregor, G. Soulis
  • Timothy Burns
    Model complexity and confidence
    Frank Safayeni
  • Evelyn Chuang, Robert Maki, Deitra Sawh, Stephen Thorne
    Generating buy/sell signals for equities using neural network technology
    T. Astebro, F. Karray
  • Andrew Keats, Phong Loi, Sonia Singh, April Straus
    Digital video on demand system
  • Cecilia Chung, Tyler Lessard, Laura Tanner
    Optical ethernet solutions: providing high speed network access
    E. Jewkes
  • Ryan Eckhardt
    E-business at Kraus carpet mills
    C. Fader
  • John Schmidt, Rob Wood
    Information management: system review and analysis at the c3 group
    Doug Sparkes
  • Dylan Lum, Pamela Yau, Grace Yeung
    Remote home control system
    Jay Black
  • Frederick Lai, Lukasz Pawlowski, Jordan Tang
    Intelligent peer-to-peer distributed process sharing
    Andrew K. C. Wong
  • David Jube, Richard Mraz, Alexander Pak
    BIA: Buyer Intention Aggregator
    Larry Smith