Apply to graduate studies

Apply online through the graduate online application system and follow these steps:

  • Apply at least two to four weeks ahead of your program's application deadline to ensure you have time to upload your supporting documents, and your referees have time to submit their reference forms.
  • Create an online application account. You may have only one graduate online application account. Please direct any online application account process questions to the graduate application team
  • Select your program: choose one "attendance type" (full-time or part-time) and one "type of program" (research paper, coursework, or thesis). If you would like to be considered for more than one option connect with the program directly.
  • Enter the required application information.
  • Note there the non-refundable application fee for each program you apply to.

Graduate studies information

If you are interested in pursuing graduate studies you can request information by filling out a form.

Finding a supervisor

Students will work with a faculty supervisor throughout their degree. Find the right supervisor.