Join Robert Amelard for a deep dive into developing surgical robotics from a software perspective. Discover systems-level insights into the complexities of developing a real-time surgical robot. Robert will share his journey from academia to industry.

About the speaker

Dr. Robert Amelard (Bachelor Software Engineering ’11, PhD SYDE ’17) is a software/imaging engineer at Intuitive Surgical. Intuitive has been making surgical robots for laparoscopic (“minimally invasive”) surgery since the 1990s. Originally founded out of Stanford Research Institute, our flagship platform is the da Vinci Surgical System, which integrates three primary subsystems (surgeon, vision, and patient carts) into the operating room. The system is used for over 2 million surgeries per year worldwide and has been shown to improve patient outcomes. Rob is part of the Advanced Imaging & Intelligence team, an R&D division that develops imaging technologies and prototypes for next-generation systems. Prior to Intuitive, Rob completed his PhD in non-invasive cardiovascular monitoring (SYDE ’17) and held post-doc positions in AI-powered biodevices for cardiovascular monitoring (Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging) and cardiology/cardiac rehab (University Health Network).

Robert Amelard

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