Master of Applied Sciences (MASc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Thesis/research based degree programs

Master of Applied Science (MASc)

To apply, minimum admission requirements are:

  • a 4-year Honours Bachelor degree program from a Canadian university (or equivalent) in an acceptable discipline with a minimum of 75 % (B) overall standing in the last 2 years of study (or equivalent)
  • at least two of the three required letters of reference from academic referees
  • evidence of adequate English language proficiency
  • an approved faculty member formally agrees to act as your supervisor. 

MASc degree requirements

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

To apply, minimum admission requirements are:

  • a minimum 80% (A-) overall standing, or equivalent, in an appropriate Master's research degree.
  • demonstrate ability to formulate research problems and to execute the research required to solve problems (i.e. a MASc research thesis or published scientific or technical papers).
  • three letters of reference from academic referees.
  • Evidence of adequate English language proficiency
  • an *approved faculty member formally agrees to act as your PhD supervisor.

PhD degree requirements

*Only faculty members who have L.I.A.R.S. status (List of Individually Approved Research Supervisor) are approved to act as a sole PhD supervisor.

Admission criteria

In order to be admitted to a thesis/research-based degree program, applicants must formally apply online for admission.  Pre-evaluations will not be made.  Applicants must meet the minimum admission requirements and a faculty member must formally agree to act as your supervisor before an Offer of Admission is sent to the applicant by way of their QUEST account. 

Complete applications will be screened by the Admissions Coordinator for our minimum admission requirements.  Ineligible applicants will be notified through Quest.  Eligible applicants will have their applications circulated to our faculty members for consideration.  Interested Faculty members  will formally initiate the process to offer admission to the applicant through the Admissions Coordinator.  If admission is approved at the Department, Faculty, and Graduate Studies levels, applicants will receive their Offer of Admission through their QUEST account.  

Option: Applicants may contact potential supervisors directly to explore whether there is opportunity to conduct research under their supervision in advance of applying.  If you would like your application to be directed to a specific faculty member(s), please indicate them by name on your Application for Admission.  An official Offer of Admission must be received by the applicant to verify admission.