Teaching Laboratory


Undergraduate Teaching Lab is located in E5-6005 next to our Computer Lab

Important features

Experiments associated with our three core laboratory courses are conducted in this facility. This facility is used by SYDE 192 (Digital Systems) students during the Summer term, by SYDE 292 (Circuits, Instrumentation and Measurements) students during the Fall term, and by SYDE 352 (Introduction to Control Systems) during the Winter term.

Laboratory stations

The Teaching Laboratory has 16 stations. Each station is equipped with digital multi-meters, signal generators, a variable DC power supply, anoscilloscope, a Microsoft Windows based personal computer, and other instruments. Further, course-specific apparatuses are set up at the stations each term for experiments.

Network access

The personal computers in the Teaching Laboratory are NEXUS based and require the students to authenticate when logging in.


Safety is always an important concern in the Teaching Laboratory. Consult the departmental laboratory instructor or safety officer with questions about departmental safety policies.