Undergraduate design workshop studios


The Undergraduate Design Workshop Studios are located in E5-6012/13.  They are divided into two separate spaces, the Electronics Workshop and the Fabrication Workshop.

Electronics Workshop (E5-6012)

This lab is equipped with nine electronic test benches for testing, troubleshooting and programming circuits. Each test bench is equipped with a digital oscilloscope, a digital multi-meter, a function generator and a power supply.  Six soldering irons are also available.


The Electronics Workshop also has 24 lockers available on a per term basis for student projects. Please see Chris McClellan (chris.mcclellan@uwaterloo.ca) to sign one out.

Fabrication Workshop (E5-6013)

This lab is equipped with 6 work benches for design project prototyping.  There are 3 storage lockers with fabrication supplies such as wood, metal, plastic, fasteners, etc.  There is also a tool chest with common tools.

Access hours

This laboratory is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to Systems Design and Bio Medical Engineering students.


Safety is always an important issue in the Workshop. The policies posted in the facility must be followed. The safety officer or the lab instructor can be queried for further details about departmental safety policies and lab equipment use.