Winter Courses

Course Number Title Instructor
BME 588 Special Topics in Biomechanics  
  Topic: Neural and Rehabilitation Engineering James Tung
  Topic: Computational Biomechanics  Stewart McLachlin 
BME 599 Special Topics in Biomedical Devices   
  Topic: Biomaterials and Biomedical Design  Evelyn Yim
SYDE 522 Foundations of AI (PDF) Morteza Babaie
SYDE 531 Design Optimization Under Probabilistic Uncertainty (PDF) Kumaraswamy Ponnambalam
SYDE 532 Introduction to Complex Systems (PDF) Paul Fieguth 
SYDE 542 Interface Design  Siby Samuel 
SYDE 543 Cognitive Ergonomics (PDF) John E. Muñoz
SYDE Biomedical Measurement and Signal Processing (PDF) Sarbast Rasheed
SYDE 548 User Centred Design Methods (PDF) Carolyn MacGregor 
SYDE 552 Computational Neuroscience (PDF)   Michael Furlong & Terry Stewart
SYDE 572 Introduction to Pattern Recognition (PDF) Alexander Wong 
SYDE 584   Evelyn Yim
SYDE 599 Special Topics   
  Topic: The Healthcare System (PDF) Bryan Tripp

Topic: Computational Simulations for Societal and Environmental Systems (PDF)

Rodrigo Costa
SYDE 632 Optimization Methods Abdelsalam Eajal
SYDE 642 Cognitive Engineering Methods Siby Samuel 
SYDE 652 Dynamics of Multibody Systems John McPhee 
SYDE 675 Pattern Recognition (PDF) John Zelek
SYDE 710 Topics in Mathematics  
  Algebraic Structure of Discrete Dynamical Systems (PDF) Chrystopher Nehaniv
SYDE 720 Topics in Computation   
SYDE 730 Topics in Societal-Environmental Systems   
  Topic 4: Complex Systems (held with SYDE 532) Paul Fieguth
  Topic 19: The Healthcare System (held with SYDE 599)  Bryan Tripp
SYDE 740 Topics in Human Systems  
  Topic 21: Advanced Interface Design (held with SYDE 542) Siby Samuel 
SYDE 750 Topics in Systems Modelling  
  Topic 29: Non-Linear Systems  Eihab Abdel-Rahman and Alaaeldin Ahmed
  Topic 47: Humanoid Robotics (held with ME 780)  Katja Mombaur 
SYDE 760 Topics in Engineering Design   
  Topic 1: Probabilistic Design (held with SYDE 531)   
SYDE 770  Topics in Communication and Information Systems  
  Topic 31: Remote Sensing Systems  
  Topic 32: Graphical Deep Learning (PDF) Alexander Wong 
SYDE 780 Topics in Engineering Sciences   

Keep in mind that there are limitations on the number of 500-series courses that can count as graduate credit:
MEng (2), MASc (1), PhD (0)

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