A Unique High School Enrichment Program

Thirteen years and 39 programs later, the 2016-17 academic year marked our final program offerings.

If you're interested in pursuing an education across many academic disciplines/programs, please check out the Bachelor of Knowledge Integration (KI) program, Waterloo Unlimited's university degree program.

Waterloo Unlimited began in the fall of 2004, providing unique enrichment experiences for high school students from across Canada in Grade 10Grade 11, and Grade 12

The program, built on the four cornerstones of intrinsic motivation, trans-disciplinarity, community, and self-enrichment, offered experiences around themes such as 'vision', 'design', 'change', and 'research', exposing students to the breadth and depth of the university's academic disciplines and giving them a live-in sense of university life. 

Thank you, on behalf of our Unlimited community—over 1600 student participants, and over 100 university faculty, staff, and student contributors—for your support in helping us build the Unlimited enrichment experience over the years.

Thank you to our Unlimited network of teacher champions for helping us find our bright, highly motivated students.

Thank you to our Unlimited parents, for supporting, delivering, and retrieving our students, and dealing with the Unlimited aftermath!

And lastly, most importantly, thank you to our Unlimited students for helping us build such rich experiences for themselves, for their peers, and for us. We are change makers. We change what our students know, we change how they know, and we change who they know, helping them to become agents of change in their own right—motivated and empowered to make a difference for the better.

We have all been enriched by our Unlimited experience. I am confident that the Unlimited spirit will persist.

Thank you for coming along on the journey.