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Waterloo Unlimited Alumni Profiles

Our growing community of Waterloo Unlimited participants comes from across Canada. Below is a small sampling of their rich experiences after Unlimited and a sense of their new journeys ahead.

Ambreen Khan sitting cross-legged.Ambreen Khan, Roadmap to Research Program (2008)

During my last year in undergraduate studies, I was able to do an independent study with one of the professors from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of British Columbia (UBC). With this independent study, I focused my work on the alternative sources of tobacco use and was able to present my findings to immigrants and refugees at the Diversity Health Fair in Vancouver. Full story

Janine WhittingtonJanine Whittington, Vision Program (2007), Design Program (2008), and Roadmap to Research (2008)

I attend McMaster University for my Honours Bachelor of Commerce, and this is my 5th year of undergraduate studies. I chose to take an extra year, as it enabled me to participate in the Internship program available at my university. Full story

Kaitlyn JacksonKaitlyn Jackson, Vision Program (2007)

International Development is a multi-disciplinary program that focuses on building the student’s understanding of economics, international relations, language studies, development trends and globalization. Emphasis is placed on hands-on experience including international internships, field research courses and exchanges. This degree prepares students to work internationally for governments, NGOs and the United Nations. Full story

Stacey SmydoStacey Smydo, Vision Program (2007), Design Program (2008) and Roadmap to Research (2008)

I am currently living in Montréal where I am in my first year at McGill Law. I am pursuing McGill's trans-systemic Bachelor of Law (B.C.L./LL.B.) in which we study both common law and civil law in an integrated program... and in both English and French!

I graduated from the University of Ottawa with an Honours Bachelor of Social Sciences with a Specialization in Political Science and a Minor in History, studying in both English and French, and received my bilingualism certificate at the end of my program. Full story

Wendy LiWendy Li, Design Program (2008)

I went to University of Waterloo (Waterloo) from 2009-2013 for Bachelor of Science with a Life Science major in Biomedical science. I am currently living in Toronto and attending York University (YorkU) for 2nd entry Nursing. I will graduate in 2015, and I am looking forward to working full time. My goal is to get my Masters (Nurse Practitioner) and eventually get into teaching. Full story

Garreth MurphyGarreth Murphy, Road Map to Research Program 2007  

I am completing my Masters of Accounting at the University of Waterloo. I recently graduated from Waterloo's Biotechnology and Chartered Accountancy program and will be starting work full-time at KPMG in October 2013. Full story

Sarah Moroz outside in the winter.Sarah Moroz, Design Program 2006

I completed my Honours Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (with a Minor in Cognitive Science), Co-op from the University of Waterloo in December 2012. Full story

Ben Gaffney leaning on car.Ben Gaffney, Design Program 2006 and Road Map to Research Program 2007

I just completed my final year of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Waterloo with an Option in Management Sciences. Full story

Nicola Fendert on the beach.Nicola Fendert, Vision Program 2005

In January 2007 I moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia and haven't looked back since. Currently, I am working on a Masters of Arts (MA) at Saint Mary's in Theology and Religious Studies. My MA thesis is on euthanasia within Shambhala Buddhism. Full story


Rebecca KinzieRebecca Kinzie, Road Map to Research Program 2007

I will be graduating from the University of Waterloo with Honours Arts and Business, Co-op, Peace and Conflict Studies in Spring 2013. Full story

Brett TaylorBrett Taylor, Design Program 2006 and Road Map to Research 2007

I'm currently living in Edinburg, Scotland for the year studying my Masters of Science (MSc) in Brewing and Distilling which will end in September 2013. It's been great (despite the Scottish weather being extremely hit and miss… mostly miss) and it is my second time living in Scotland. Full story

Rebekah ParkerRebekah Parker, Vision Program 2005, Design Program 2006, and Road Map to Research Program 2007

I've had a fantastic undergraduate degree. I participated in the University of Britich Columbia's Arts Co-op Program, completing 4 work terms - at Bowen Island Historians, Science World, and UBC's Student Development Unit in the Department of Engineering for 8 months, and went on a 10-month exchange to the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. Full story

Eric KennedyEric Kennedy, Vision Program 2005, Design Program 2006, and Road Map to Research 2007

I'm currently living in Tempe, Arizona, which is near Phoenix in the Salt River Valley or the "Valley of the Sun." I'm a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) student at the Consortium for Science, Policy, and Outcomes at Arizona State University (ASU), one of the top science & technology think tanks in the world. Full story

Sarah McCuaigSarah McCuaig, Vision Program 2005

I’ve just finished my fourth year of an Interdepartmental Honours Immunology degree at McGill University. In the fall, I will continue my research in immunology when I head across the Atlantic for the first time in my life to begin a Doctorate of Philosophy (DPhil) in Clinical Medicine at the University of Oxford, as I was recently awarded a Rhodes Scholarship. Full story

Michelle CaudleMichelle Caudle, Design Program 2006 and Road Map to Research 2007

I recently graduated from McMaster University with a degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics and a Minor in the German language. I completed my undergraduate thesis with Dr. Turnbull doing the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) research at the McMaster University Medical Centre. Full story

Photo of Amber McKayAmber McKay, Vision Program 2004 and Road Map to Research 2005

Now in her fourth year Amber is preparing to enter teacher’s college next year in preparation for teaching at the primary level. Full story

Photo of Amanda LibbyAmanda Libby, Road Map to Research Program 2006

Amanda is completing her fourth year of Business Administration Honours Accounting with a Concentration in Finance at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) Fredericton. Full story

Photo of Aja Sutton in front of ruinsAja Sutton, Design Program 2005 and Road Map to Research 2006

Aja attended Queen’s University for her undergraduate degree, and in 2011 completed a BAH with a double concentration in Classical Studies and History. Full story

Photo of Vanessa Martin wearing hip waders and standing in a creekVanessa Minke-Martin, Vision Program 2004, Design Program 2005, and Road Map to Research Program 2006

After three summers of field and laboratory work studying aquatic species-at-risk, Vanessa is planning on pursuing her interests of conservation or marine biology at the graduate level. Full story

Charlotte McEwen standing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris FranceCharlotte McEwen, Vision Program 2004 and Road Map to Research 2005

After graduating from high school, Charlotte attended Queen’s University, graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree and a Certificate in Socially Responsible Leadership in Spring 2011. Full story

Sarah graduated this past spring from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Honours Fine Arts, Studio Specialization with a minor in English Language and Literature. Full story

Photo of Sheila Whitehall trekking in the jungle Sheila Whitehall, Vision Program 2004

Sheila recently graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a BA in Kinesiology. She is now taking a year off before starting her Masters in either Occupational or Physical Therapy this coming September. Full story

Photo of Stuart Pearson at a construction siteStuart Pearson, Design Program 2005 and Road Map to Research 2006

Stuart is finishing up his final year in the Civil Engineering program at the University of Waterloo. Stuart participated in the co-op program and through it had a multitude of jobs, including: working in Fort McMurray on the oil sands, building a hospital in North Bay, and building a condo in Toronto​. Full story

Carly in front of the Taj MaholCarly Vandergriendt, Vision Program 2004

Carly took a semester abroad to study and travel in New Zealand, and when she came back she started her undergraduate thesis in cognitive psychology, graduating with honours in December of 2011. Full story

photo of Steven Wang in front of a treeSteven Wang, Vision Program 2004

Recently Steven won the Rhodes Scholarship, a prestigious award that grants students a stipend and an endowment to study at the University of Oxford for two years.  At Oxford, Steven’s goal is to pursue a Masters of Philosophy in International Relations. Full story

kate in an appple treeKate Hoad-Reddick, Design Program 2005

Kate is currently at The University of Guelph in the College of Arts, School of English and Theatre Studies working on her Master of Arts in Theatre Studies. Full story

Maria looking out onto a city.Maria Legault, Design Program 2006

Maria graduated from the Environment and Resource Studies (B.E.S.) program at the University of Waterloo in 2011, and is currently undertaking her Master’s of Environment (M.E.S., Tourism Policy and Planning), at the same university. Full story