Project owner

What is a project owner?

The project owner is typically, but not always, the head of the business unit receiving the product, and bears business responsibility for successful project implementation. The project owner may often act as a “champion” to the project, in partnership with the sponsor. The project owner will assist the project manager in providing leadership towards the completion of project tasks, and may sometimes even maintain a portion of the project plan.

The project owner may also be referred to as the Lead, or Champion.

How do I define who the project owner should be?

  • Enthusiastic about the project, the value, and the final deliverable(s)
  • Able to articulate the project’s value, and in a position to encourage buy in with stakeholders
  • Is directly impacted by the results of the project

What are the project owner responsibilities?

  • Same responsibilities as project team, as well as:
    • Assists the PM in providing leadership for, and managing the team’s performance of project activities
    • Actively encourages buy in from project stakeholders


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