OUSA’s 2023 Teaching Excellence Award Winner

Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Josh D. Neufeld for receiving OUSA’s Teaching Excellence Award

Congratulations to Josh D. Neufeld for receiving OUSA’s Teaching Excellence Award! Biology and WUSA thanks you for exhibiting and encouraging teaching excellence on campus!

At the 17th Annual OUSA Partners in Higher Education Dinner, Josh D. Neufeld was presented with the OUSA Teaching Excellence Award. Josh Neufeld is a Professor and Research Chair in the Department of Biology at the University of Waterloo. Neufeld leads the Neufeld lab that investigates the in interface between method development, basic microbial ecology, and applied research, providing exceptional training opportunities for students and postdoctoral research fellows. Neufeld is committed to the discipline of microbiology and its communication. Neufeld’s current research projects include research on engineered aquatic environments, microbiology in deep geological repositories for used nuclear fuels and investing bacteria from Boreal Shield lakes that have an impact on global biogeochemical cycling.

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