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Friday, February 23, 2024

Rebecca Rooney Wins the 2024 Leadership Award

headshots of the five award winners

Congratulations to Rebecca Rooney for being awarded the 2024 Leadership Award by Canada’s Invasive Species Centre. The Invasive Species Centre is a hub for collaboration and knowledge sharing, aiming to prevent the introduction and spread of high-risk invasive species in Canada by connecting stakeholders with knowledge and technology.  

The Invasive Species Centre Leadership Award is presented to a champion for invasive species prevention and management in Canada, who, through their dedication to invasive species prevention, has created a meaningful and long-lasting impact in their community. Rooney, an Associate Biology Professor and Founder and Principal Investigator at the Waterloo Wetland Lab, is a champion for wetlands and guarding them against invasive species such as European Common Reed (Phragmites australis), one of the greatest dangers to coastal marshes. 

Rooney’s research supports the implementation of wetland policy, invasive species management, and the protection of species at risk. Her results improve the design of restored and reclaimed wetlands, provide tools for evaluating their integrity, and identifies the most successful techniques for invasive species control. 

Congratulations to Rebecca Rooney on this award celebrating her leadership in and dedication to her field.