The Molecular Biology Core Facility (MBCF) Equipment Booking

Few guidelines for using the MBCF equipment.

  1. The equipment MS Booking system is available to the University staff and students, please use your UW login for this system.
  2. Please submit the User Agreement () to the MBCF manager prior to using any of the equipment (including autoclave, Mili-Q water system, etc) in the Core Facility.
  3. After you submitted the User Agreement, the MBCF manager will assign a unique door code for B1-371, please DO NOT share this door code with others.
  4. You must book the equipment using the MS Booking listed below.
  5. If you cannot successfully submit a booking, it may be because someone else was booking the same time slot at the same time, please wait for 5 or 10 minutes, and make another attempt for a booking.
  6. Please do not use the equipment if you are late for your booked time slot if there is someone else booked the next time slot right after you.
  7. If you have any issues regarding the core facility, please contact the MBCF manager.

Please click the equipment on the list for a booking.

  1. Priorclave in B1-376
  2. C3PO Big Autoclave in B2-354
  3. R2D2 Small Autoclave in B2-354
  4. Tuttnauer autoclave in B1-376; this is a piece of manual operating equipment, users need to turn the knob from time to time for the operation. Thus, it is only for backup if all the other autoclaves are not functioning.  Please email directly to the MBCF manager for assistance.
  5. QS6 RT-PCR in B1-371
  6. Sigma Centrifuge in B1-371
  7. ThermoXTR centrifuge in B1-371
  8. Sovall RC5B Centrifuge in B1-371
  9. NanoDrop 1000 in B1-371
  10. NanoDrop 2000 in B1-371
  11. ChemiDoc Imager in B1-371
  12. Azure 2000 Imager in B1-371
  13. Bead RuptorElite Homogenizer in B1-371
  14. Orbital shaker in B1-371
  15. Pipette Cotton Plugger in B1-371

For the list of equipment/services below, please book directly with the MBCF manager by email:

1. MiSeq

2. FACS (detailed information click here!)

3. Freeze Dryer

(This webpage and the MS Booking sites are designed and prepared by Terence Tang.)