Biology courses and instructors

Changes to Fall 2018, Winter 2019 and Spring 2019

Fall 2018

  • SSCOM 100 - only required for first year Fall 2018 students
  • Cancelled - BIOL 323 (odd yr only), BIOL 364, BIOL 403
  • Offered for Fall 2018 - BIOL 321 (even yrs only), BIOL 455 (even yrs only), BIOL 486
  • CHEM 237/CHEM 237L switching to Winter and Spring offerings effective Winter 2019

Winter 2019

  • Cancelled - BIOL 438
  • Offered - BIOL 240 online version, BIOL 457
  • Changes to BIOL 475 effective Winter 2019 

    BIOL 475 Current Topics in Microbiology (Drs. Dupont and Charles)
    Prerequisites: Biol 241, level at least 4A
Course Description: Students will explore and analyze a variety of often controversial topics in microbiology as reflected in popular culture and the current scientific literature. This course involves significant in-class group work. An essay and presentations are required. Enrollment is limited to 25.
This capstone course is designed to be a culminating educational experience, providing for learning, but not in the traditional sense of lectures and content. The course contains opportunities and an expectation for self-directed, integrated learning. Key course objectives include: 1) using writing as a learning strategy, 2) stimulating critical thinking through problem investigations, 3) engaging with literature sources, including primary scientific literature, 4) enhancing collaboration using discussion, peer review, and formative assessments to focus student thinking on learning and writing about microbiology and science in general.

Spring 2019

  • Offered - BIOL 359 online
  • BIOL 342 not offered in spring 2019

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