Departmental Xerox Printer-Copier-Scanners

The department maintains 5 Xerox Workcentres that are capable of network printingcopying and scanning documents to email or USB keys. For further information on usage or reference material contact R Singh

Departmental Xerox WorkCentres

The current list of available Xerox Workcentres in the department is:


Printers Name




Xerox WorkCentre C8055
For faculty and staff only

E6 3024

\\cheprint\chegradxerox Xerox Workcentre 5335
For faculty and staff only
E6 3024
\\cheprint\chegradxerox Xerox Workcentre 5335
For grads and visitors only
E6 5028
\\cheprint\chexeroxdweC7030 Xerox Workcentre C7030
For faculty staff and grads in DWE
DWE 2530
\\Cheprint\chexeroxQNCC7030 Xerox Workcentre C7030 QNC 2603

All of these Xerox Workcentres are capable of network printing, copying and scanning to email or USB devices. The main office Xerox Workcentre 7556 is color capable and all others are black and white print capable only. The following instructions describe how to print from the network , copy and scan to email using these machines.

Access Codes

All of these machiness require an access code available from Rose Guderian x36180 or Ingrid Sherrer x32404. This access code is used to charge the cost of consumables for printing and copying. Scanning to email incurs no charges. All of these printers also have access restrictions based on your Nexus account as noted above in the description column.

How to Print

Windows Users

To print to any of these printers you must first connect to the printer which downloads the printer driver to your computer and creates an instance of this printer on your computer that will show up every time you logon to your account. To connect to any of these printers click on the Start button then type in the following in the "search programs and files" box 


or one of the cheserv8 links listed in the table above. If you are prompted for credentials enter


where userid is your Nexus\WatIAM account id followed by your password. Please note the backslash \ and not the forward slash/ that is used.

In the dialog box that appears right click any of the printers and select "connect". Wait a few minutes for the printer driver to download and install. Then close this dialog and click Start then Devices and Printers (Win7) or  Start then Printers  then Printers and Scanners then Devices and Printers and  then right click the printer you just installed and select Printer Properties. Click the Print Test Page button in the bottom right hand corner. When prompted for a User ID enter the Xerox account code that you obtained from Rose or Ingrid in the User ID: field box, leave the second box at its default value and enter chemeng in the third box. To print to this printer simply select this printer from the print dialog box when printing a document.

Mac OSX Users

From the website install the Xerox Mac OSX printer driver for the appropriate model of Workcentre ie Workcentre 7556 or 5335 found in the description column of the table above. Then follow these instructions to connect to the printer, create a printer instance and associate the above installed printer driver with this printer instance.

Use the URL smb:// where sharename is one of chexeroxmainC8055, chexerox2, chegradxerox, cheXeroxDWEC7030, chexeroxQNCC7030 when filling the URL: field of the Add Printer dialog. Enter your Nexus userid followed by your Nexus password when prompted for credentials.

How to Copy

To use the Xerox Workcentre as a copier do the following:

  1. Press the Home icon on the right hand side to display the Home screen.
  2. Press the Copy button on the copier LCD screen
  3. Enter your Access code when prompted for a User ID and press the Enter button
  4. Select the copy options you want then press the Start button in the top right corner of the console. 
  5. When done press the Home icon to return to the home screen and select Reset then Reset All Apps and logoff. 

How to Scan to Email

To scan a document to a pdf image and have that pdf file sent to your email address as an attachment do the following:

For WorkCentre C8055 ( Large Color Main Office Xerox)

  1. Press the Home icon on the right hand side of the console to display the Home screen
  2. Press the Email button then add Recipient
  3. Enter your email address in one of 3 ways :
    1. Press Manual Entry button  and enter your email address in full then press Add .
    2. Press the Device Address Book button  then tap your name if it exists in the list to add a check in the check box then click OK. If your name is not in this list then use the option a above to enter your email address or C below to find your network email address.
    3. Press the Network Address button and then type the name of the recipient in the search box and tap the Search button. Then tap the email address to add it.
  4. Select your scanning options and then tap the Send button.
  5. When done press the Home Icon then the Reset button and then Reset all apps and logoff. 

For Work Centre 5335 (Small main office Xerox, grads xerox, nano xerox, DWE Xerox)

  1. Press the clear all button on the right twice then confirm to clear any existing work
  2. Press the Email button
  3. Enter your email address in one of 2 ways :
    1. Press New Recipient and enter your email address in full then press Add then Close.
    2. Press the Address Book button then type your Watiam/Nexus userid then press the magnifying glass then press the To button then the close button.
  4. Press the green Start button on the right.
  5. When done press the clear all button twice to restore the main menu.

You should then receive an email to the address entered in the To field containing a pdf attachment of the image that you scanned.