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Future undergraduate students

Undergraduate StudentWe offer a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) degree program in chemical engineering. All students participate in the co-op work/study program, where you alternate between study and work terms.  Students graduate with valuable job experience and a degree from Canada’s largest and best engineering school for undergraduate studies.

Program description

Waterloo's chemical engineering program lets you explore emerging areas like, biotechnology, advanced materials, pollution control, alternative energy, and other industry applications. Experience gained through co-op work placements lets you see the practical side of the theories discussed in classes. And, through undergraduate student exchange programs you have the opportunity to learn about new cultures and gain valuable experience internationally.

    Options available to chemical engineering students

    Note: options often require taking extra courses during an academic term. Students are allowed to take one extra course during an academic term and must have an average of greater than 70% in each of the previous two academic terms.