Process systems engineering

Nasser Mohieddin Abukhdeir

Hector Budman

Computer process control; robust control; modelling and control of nonlinear processes.

Peter Douglas

Computer-aided process engineering; large-scale process simulation and optimization; process synthesis; design for controllability; expert systems. 

Ali Elkamel

Process systems engineering; process analysis and improvement; planning and scheduling of process operations; supply chain management; product and process design; pollution prevention and waste minimization; waste utilization and management; planning for energy production (oil, gas and biomass energy); robust optimization; soft computing; combinatorial optimization.

Alexander Penlidis

Polymerization kinetics, mathematical modelling and computer simulation of polymer reactors; on-line sensor development for polymer and latex characterization; polymer reactor design; optimization and computer control; bulk, solution, emulsion and suspension polymerization.

Mark Pritzker

Electrochemistry of metallurgical and acqueous systems; modeling of hydrometallurgical and electrochemical processes; industrial wastewater treatment.

Luis Ricardez Sandoval

Optimal design and control of dynamic systems under uncertainty; Multiscale modelling and control; Mathematical modelling of highly complex chemical processes; Uncertainty quantification tools applied for process improvement; Optimal process scheduling and planning; Modelling and control of CO2 capture technologies and advanced energy systems.  For more information please visit my website