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Remote Access to Chemical Engineering Computers

Remote access from off campus through the UW campus firewall to Chemical Engineering computers on campus is provided by two services:

  1. U of Waterloo Virtual Private Network (VPN) service
  2. Departmental Remote Desktop Gateway service

In addition the department provides Chemical  Engineering undergraduate students with Remote Desktop Protocal (RDP)  access from any computer on campus or the VPN to two terminal servers cheterm1 and cheterm2. Cheterm1 and cheterm2 provide students with remote  access to their network n: drives and all UW licensed software used for course and project work.

UW VPN Service

The VPN service connects your computing device to the campus computing network and provides your off campus computer with access to all UW computing services including file shares eg Nexus N: network drive, shared printers, remote desktop access to campus servers and workstations eg your office/research computer, all campus license application software, library services etc. The supported computing devices include Apple , Android, BlackBerry phones , tablets, laptops, desktop computers. Once connected you can read/edit UW n: drive documents on your remote computer, print to a campus printer, connect to a terminal server or campus workstation, run application software such as Matlab, Comsol, Aspen, Statistica on your remote computer and use library services. 

To use the VPN service you must

  1. Install a VPN client program such as the Cisco AnyConnect client from and run it and connect it to the VPN server
  2. When you are prompted for credentials enter them using your Quest/Watiam/Nexus userid without any Nexus\ prefix or suffix followed by your Quest/Watiam/Nexus password.
  3. Once connected to the VPN service you can mount your n: drive on your home computer, use the Remote Desktop Client program to connect to any campus server or workstation for which  you have remote desktop access permissions

To disconnect from the VPN session right click the VPN client and select Disconnect. 

For more information about UW VPN service see 

Remote Desktop Gateway Service

The remote desktop gateway service allows any client computer to create a Remote Desktop session through the campus firewall to any UW host computer on campus. Using this RDP session you can run and interact with programs you have installed on the remote computer and transfer data between the local computer and remote computer.

The session is made using a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client which is available on all versions of Microsoft Windows and freely available from Microsoft for Android, Apple products and freely available for Linux products. RDP creates a session window on the client computer of the remote computer that projects the remote computer's screen, keyboard, mouse, sound and shared devices to the session window so that it appears as if you are working at the console of the remote computer. 

To use the Chemical Engineering  RD gateway service you must specify the RD gateway server in the RDP client program on your off campus computer. On MS Windows you do this by doing the following :

  1. Start the Remote Desktop Client program from Start/All Programs/Accessories/Remote Desktop Connection
  2. In the Computer: field type the name of the computer you want to connect to eg
  3. Click the Show Options button then the Advanced tab  then Settings and then select the radio button labeled "Use this RD Gateway server". In the Servername box type . Uncheck the Bypass RD Gateway server for local addresses box. 
  4. Click OK then Connect. 
  5. When prompted for credentials enter them as Nexus\userid followed by you Nexus/WatIAM/Quest password

Once you are connected you can interact with the remote computer as if you were sitting at the local console running programs on that computer and managing the files and documents on the remote computer. You can run the Task Manager of the remote computer by pressing  the Alt-Ctrl-End keys simultaneously or typing taskmgr in the Start/Search  Programs and Files box. In the task manager you can start/cancel processes, monitor performance or restart the remote computer.

You can also transfer/copy/paste files between the remote and local computer. To do this you must specify to the RDP client program  that the local computer disk drives are connected to the remote desktop session window. This is specified under the Local Resources tab of the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection window then click the More button and check the Drives checkbox. Then establish your RDP session.