Co-op and Work Term Reports

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Normally, undergraduate students in the Chemical Engineering program are required to write three technical work term reports, as described in the WKRPT 200/300/400: Work Term Report Course Outline.

For students who began their degrees in 2018 and earlier, the following changes to WKRPT 200/300/400 course requirements have been made for the Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 terms only, in response to challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • You may submit a reflective work term report in lieu of a technical work term report. See the Reflective Work Term Report Template and Reflective Work Term Report Guidelines for more information about reflective work term reports.
  • The deadline to submit your Winter 2020 work term report has been extended to May 31.
  • Your Spring 2020 work term report is due seven days after the start of Fall classes.
  • Submit your report electronically to a dropbox on LEARN. Use either the reflective or technical report dropbox, as appropriate.

Keep the following in mind as you prepare to submit your work term report to the Department of Chemical Engineering:

  1. The WRKRPT 200/300/400 course outline (PDF), evaluation form (PDF) and marking guidelines (PDF) provide information about the format, structure and marking expectations of a technical work term report.
  2. The Reflective Work Term Report Guidelines provides more information, including the marking rubric, about reflective work term reports. Use the Reflective Work Term Report Template for your report.     
  3. The FAQ provides answers to common questions about work term reports.

If you have any questions about work term reports, please contact the department undergraduate office by email.