Co-op and Work Term Reports

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Your work-term report requirements are determined by your program and the year in which you started your program (i.e., the year you matriculated). Work-term report requirements have changed recently. 

As always, help with your writing is available through the Writing and Communication Centre and you are encouraged to contact the Centre for advice and feedback on your report.


Please review the work-term report guidelines below carefully.

ChE students who matriculated in 2020 or later:

  • You must complete four reflective reports. These are usually integrated with your WatPD course requirements and no separate submission is usually required.
  • You must complete two technical reports. The first is done as part of PD11, which must be selected as one of your PD electives. The second is CHE 450, which is submitted to the department in either your 3B or 4A term.

Also note that the program has an ethics milestone that can be satisfied by taking either PD22 as a PD elective or a CSE that you have selected from a shortlist. In recent years, nearly all students (more than 98%) opted to take PD22.

ChE students who matriculated in 2019:

Your requirements are the same as those for students who matriculated in 2020, except that you will have taken PD20 and PD21 as core courses instead of PD19 and PD20.

ChE students who matriculated in 2018 or earlier:

You are required to write three technical work-term reports, as described in the WKRPT 200/300/400: Work Term Report Course Outline (PDF). You can also see the evaluation from (PDF) and marking guidelines. (PDF)

In response to challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, changes to WKRPT 200/300/400 course requirements were made to allow reflective work reports to be submitted for some academic terms. These accommodations are no longer in effect and future submissions should follow the technical guidelines referenced above.

Support Material

Keep the following in mind as you prepare to submit your work term report to the Department of Chemical Engineering:

If you have any questions about work term reports, please contact the department undergraduate office by email.