Processing times: Will processing times of my study permit extension or co-op/post grad work permit application be delayed due to COVID-19? What should I do in the meantime?

There will be a delay in processing times due to COVID-19. We would suggest planning ahead whenever possible and applying as soon as possible for your upcoming IRCC applications. The sooner you submit your application, the sooner it will begin being processed. Click here to see estimated processing times, but bear in mind these will not be accurate during COVID-19 interruptions.

Please note that due to COVID-19 and the various office closures, the biometrics deadline has automatically been extended from 30 to 90 days. Click here for more details.

Study permit/co-op work permit extension applications: As long as you apply for your study permit and/or co-op work permit extensions before your current permits expire, you have implied status. Implied status allows you to remain in Canada and continue studying and/or working.

NOTE: If you leave Canada while your application is being processed, you will lose your implied status and must then ensure that you have a valid permit and visa (TRV) or eTA (electronic travel authorization) before re-entering Canada.

Initial co-op work permit applications: If you are waiting on your first co-op work permit application, you cannot begin your co-op work term until you receive the approval of your co-op work permit. A co-op work permit is required for all co-op work terms.

Post-grad work permits: As long as you applied for your PGWP while holding a valid study permit and within 90 days of completing your program, it’s completely fine to remain in Canada and begin working full-time while they process your application.

Please note, in order to begin working immediately after submitting your PGWP application, you must:

  • Apply within 90 days of completing your program; and
  • With a valid study permit that has full working authorizations; and
  • Not have worked without authorization during your period of studies.

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