EDGE students

Thanks for visiting the EDGE program's online hub for current students. We're so glad you've decided to develop your professional skills, explore your career options, and market yourself to employers.

The EDGE team offers drop-in advising through The Centre (Needles Hall) on Monday afternoons (1:00-4:00 PM) and Tuesday mornings (9:00-12:00 PM). To make an appointment outside those hours, contact us at edge@uwaterloo.ca.

EDGE courses

It's easy to earn EDGE milestones as part of your normal academic study. Explore our list of approved experiential learning courses.

EDGE experiences

Want to give back to the campus community? We've pre-approved dozens of opportunities with student societies, Feds, and other offices and services.

Types of experiences

If you're having trouble understanding how experiences work within EDGE, we can help. Check out our guide to each type of EDGE experience.

Student pathways

Pathways make it easier to understand how EDGE milestones can fit into your academic plans. They map out all of the milestones you need to complete using courses, workshops, and experiences appropriate for your program or interests on a termly basis.

The EDGE team is working with advisors across campus to create new pathways for dozens of programs and interests. Here are some sample pathways that have already been approved:

If you have a question about pathways or want us to create a pathway for your program, contact the EDGE team at edge@uwaterloo.ca.