How to find EDGE experiences

If you're not interested in completing any of the pre-approved EDGE courses or experiences listed elsewhere on our website, you might want to look for other opportunities on- and off-campus. You can earn a milestone for any experience as long as it meets our criteria:

36 hours

On-campus experiences involve at least 36 hours of work in a term.

Professional development

You need to complete a professional development (PD) course during the same term as your experience.


You need an evaluation from your supervisor.


You need to submit a reflective assignment to the EDGE team.

We know searching for work and volunteer opportunities can be challenging. Consider making use of the following resources when you're looking for experiences as part of your journey through EDGE.

Centre for Career Action

The Centre for Career Action (CCA) can help you focus your search for work and volunteer opportunities with one-on-one career advising appointments, career-related workshops, and events like the Job Fair and Volunteer Fair. CCA also maintains its own collection of career-related and work search sites, and students can access CareerHub to explore their occupational options and develop their employability skills.


WUSA hosts dozens of paid and volunteer opportunities on a termly basis. Working or volunteering with WUSA is a great way to connect with fellow students and give back to the campus community.

WUSA also operates the Volunteer Centre, which focuses on volunteer opportunities in the community and around the world. Searching for experiences through the Volunteer Centre is a great option if you want to expand your horizons beyond campus.


Paid and volunteer opportunities are occasionally listed in Imprint's classified section and advertisements. We recommend finding a print copy of the paper for more information — some positions and ads aren't posted online.

WaterlooWorks Other Job Board

Dozens of new on-campus positions are posted in WaterlooWorks every term, including roles with WUSA departments, Orientation leader roles, and positions with other on-campus departments. You can even apply for positions on student-centric councils like the Marketing Advisory Board and the Food Advisory Board.

University offices and services

Some on-campus offices and services list opportunities on their websites in addition to postings within LEADS and elsewhere. It's never a bad idea to visit specific department websites if you know what kind of experience you want to have. If you're completing a more general search for opportunities, consider starting with Athletics, Food Services, and the Library.


While co-op students use WaterlooWorks to find and apply for their co-op jobs, it's also open to non-co-op students looking for part-time and summer opportunities. Select the "Hire Waterloo Alumni and Other" job board to find experiences that could be suitable for EDGE. 

If you're looking for more information about completing searches in WaterlooWorks or anything else about the platform, check out the WaterlooWorks help page.

Work-study program

The University's work-study program offers part-time, on-campus jobs for full-time students with financial need. (There's also a version of the work-study program devoted to international students.) If you qualify for the work-study program, you may be able to find paid employment that can count toward EDGE. Some work-study positions have already been pre-approved and added to the EDGE experience list.