About GSEF

The Graduate Studies Endowment Fund

GSEF is supported by charitable contributions of $20 per term from graduate students at the University of Waterloo. Students are eligible to apply for a refund of this contribution when paying their term fees. However, it is strongly encouraged that each student be aware of and understand the benefits and resources made available to them through the use of this contribution.

GSEF Contributions Inforgraphic

GSEF's mandate

GSEF’s mandate is to improve the experience of graduate students on campus and to provide funding where possible to help aid in the production of a vibrant student experience.

As long as the project does not meet any of the non-allowable criteria, every project will be considered. Applicants are encouraged to utilize the graduate house for events and catering, although no projects will be denied if they choose to not use the graduate house. Repeat applications are allowed, but preference will be given to first time applicants or new projects. Projects that will only positively affect <10 graduate students are still encouraged, but the cost per student ratio will be considered, and projects that will have a larger impact on the graduate student body will be given preference.

Please contact the GSEF Coordinator if you have questions. The position is currently held by Taronish Kotwall.

The History of GSEF

GSEF is one of the University's longest running student-lead organizations. While GSEF has evolved significantly over the last two decades, it has always been committed to its mandate to enhance the experience of graduate students at the University of Waterloo.


Historical timeline of GSEF