About the Graduate Studies Endowment Fund

The Graduate Studies Endowment Fund

GSEF is supported by charitable contributions of $20 per term from graduate students at the University of Waterloo. As such, students are eligible to apply for a refund of this contribution. However, it is strongly encouraged that each student be aware of and understand the benefits and resources made available to them through the use of this contribution.

Please contact the GSEF Coordinator if you have questions. The position is currently held by Julia Goyal.

Refunding your contribution

GSEF contributes to many aspects of grad student life, from conference travel, to helping students who are finishing their theses, and to a variety of special projects that grad student organizations organize and request funding for each term (see details above). All of these initiatives are possible because of your contribution and we therefore encourage you to contribute to GSEF. You are nonetheless entitled to refund your contribution if desired through the UWaterloo Finance office. Students can access the Endowment Fund fee refund request form starting using the link below. Please note that the Spring 2019 term refund request period is May 6th – 24th (midnight). Please keep in mind that refunds cannot be processed after this timeframe closes.

Endowment Fund Refund Request Form