Apply for project funding

The Fall 2018 term application deadline date is Wednesday, October 31st at midnight.

The project application can be downloaded here

GSEF’s mandate is to improve the experience of graduate students on campus, and to provide funding where possible to help aid in the production of a vibrant student experience.

The project budget for GSEF is $10,000 a term. If the whole amount is not used up, the surplus can roll over to future terms so applications for large projects will not be refused outright.

As long as the project does not meet any of the non-allowable criteria, every project will be considered. Applicants are encouraged to utilize the graduate house for events and catering, although no projects will be denied if they choose to not use the graduate house. Repeat applications are allowed, but preference will be given to first time applicants or new projects. Projects that will only positively affect <10 graduate students are still encouraged, but the cost per student ratio will be considered, and projects that will have a larger impact on the graduate student body will be given preference.

You cannot apply for individual travel funding to attend a conference using this form. See the GSO/GSEF Travel Assistantship instead. The Graduate Studies Research Travel Assistantship value is $500! The primary purpose of the travel award is to support University of Waterloo graduate students in presenting their research at professional conferences. The travel award is funded by the Graduate Studies Office (GSO) and Graduate Studies Endowment Fund (GSEF). Additional financial support may be provided by the graduate student’s supervisor, graduate program, department, school or Faculty.

You may not purchase alcohol with GSEF funds, nor may it be used to provide honoraria for guest speakers.

Your application will compete against other applications and be ranked on factors outlined below; applying does not guarantee success.

 Acceptable for funding:

  • Sensible improvements to graduate student common space
  • Hosting guest speakers for areas of graduate student interest (should be of interest to more than a small subset of graduate students)
  • Conferences
  • Will fund intra-university conferences, generally not external conferences (but applications are still welcomed)
  • Travel costs for students can be covered under travel awards, not GSEF projects
  • Continuing department or faculty seminar series are allowed to apply, but preference will be given to new groups over repeat applications
    • Ideally GSEF could help get new initiatives off the ground and the department/faculty could step in over time to make the seminar series permanent (to help pay for refreshments and/or coffee)
  • Any project that will potentially impact graduate students on campus!

However, funding is not limited to these areas and all applications will be considered.

 Not acceptable for GSEF funding:

  • Incomplete applications
  • Projects related to a graduate student’s thesis work
  • Projects that require a prohibitively large amount of funding
  • Honorarium for guest speakers, and graduate student awards
  • Projects where the majority of benefit is not to UWaterloo graduate students on campus (any campus)