Spending your award

The GSEF Treasurer (Ahmed Niaz) is the main contact person for information regarding spending your award and requesting reimbursements. Please submit the reimbursement claims within one month of making your purchases. 

Reimbursement instructions:

  1. Download and complete the Expense Claim Form from the UW Finance Website.
  2. Collect original itemized receipts outlining purchases made and proof of payment such as a credit or debit card slip or statement.*
  3. Send the Expense Claim Form, itemized receipts, and proof of payment to the GSEF Treasurer.
  4. Confirm the purchases through including the following declaration in the email to the GSEF Treasurer: “I certify that all expenditures in this claim adhere to the University’s policies, were incurred by me for University purposes, and have not been/will not be reimbursed from another source.”.
  5. Submit the statement of impact PDF form together with your reimbursement claim. Please provide 3-5 sentences discussing how the project benefitted graduate students or how your initiative improved the graduate student experience. We also welcome photo submissions that can be posted on the GSEF website.
  6. Reimbursement will be processed within 3-4 weeks of receiving a completed claim.

GSEF cannot reimburse: 

  • Any alcohol related purchases
  • Expenses that occurred prior to being notified of winning award
  • More money than you were awarded (overspending)
  • Your department (GSEF account codes must be directly applied to the purchase, we cannot transfer funds to your department)
  • Items purchased after the award spending deadline (unless you contact the GSEF Treasurer for an extension)

Other important information and tips

  • Keep a copy of all your purchases prior to sending the originals to the GSEF Treasurer
  • Receipts for submission must be itemized
  • To obtain any of the proper forms for reimbursement, contact the GSEF Treasurer or talk with your department secretary
  • If you make a mistake when requesting a reimbursement, the GSEF Treasurer will return for corrections
  • You will typically be reimbursed electronically through automatic bank deposit

The Treasurer requires all forms and receipts to be mailed via campus mail. Please contact the GSEF Treasurer when forms are complete for further instruction* 

* During COVID-19, scanned copies of forms and receipts can be emailed to the GSEF Treasurer.

Acknowledging GSEF 

We request that you acknowledge GSEF’s financial contribution in some appropriate way; please contact the GSEF Coordinator if you would like to request a copy of our logo. GSEF also has a stand-alone banner which can be used at in-person events. For promotional purposes we encourage you to send in photos of what you’ve done with your award (gsef@uwaterloo.ca).

Students take a selfie in front of the GSEF banner

When in doubt, contact the GSEF Treasurer.