Student Representative (Board of Directors)

Student Representatives on the Board of Directors are responsible for:

  • Reviewing/approving recommendations of funding from the Project Review Committee
  • Discussing and voting on the yearly budget of GSEF
  • Reviewing new initiatives suggested by the Coordinator or Long-Range Planning Committee
  • Discussing and approving the appointment of a new Coordinator and Treasurer
  • Supervising the overall operations of GSEF

There are six graduate students on the Board of Directors (one from each faculty). The Board usually meets for two hours once or twice per semester. Outside of Board meetings, student representatives tend to spend two hours or so preparing for the meeting, submitting e-votes, and responding to emails related to GSEF's activities.

You can learn more about our current representatives on the Board of Directors on the Our People page.

If you have any questions or wish to know more, email the Coordinator at