Successful Applications

A successful application will be fully completed, with all boxes filled out.  The application will include a detailed budget, with multiple quotes for each item.  A detailed estimation of the number of graduate students this will benefit will also be included.  A letter from the department/chair is preferable if possible, either to confirm their endorsement or detail their ability to split funding.  A successful application generally provides a tangible positive benefit on the UW main or satellite campuses, and typically does not involve a small team competing outside of the university (although there are always exceptions to the rule).  Departments should attempt to only submit one application a term (maximum), and the application should be representative of a decent portion of the departments graduate students (if the application is department specific).  Applications from undergraduate groups may be considered if they have a tangible benefit to graduate students.

Appealing a Decision

If your project is rejected by the project review committee and you feel that the rationale provided for the decision is inaccurate or inadequate you may appeal the decision. Please contact the coordinator for more information about this process.