The Vice-Coordinator is a new position created in the 2020-2021 academic year. The Vice-Coordinator is primarily responsible for student engagement, communications and outreach. The position includes the following duties:

Support the Coordinator

  • Assist the Coordinator in managing and overseeing GSEF. 

  • Assist the Coordinator in developing and managing GSEF’s online presence. 

  • Assist the Coordinator with hiring and recruitment. 

  • Work with the Coordinator to develop new initiatives and refine existing ones. 


  • Attend PRC, BOD and Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC) Meetings (Typically 4-6 meetings per academic term – cumulative). 

  • Chair meetings in the absence of the Coordinator. 

  • Record and post the minutes of each meeting. 

  • Meet monthly with the Coordinator. 


  • Help to develop and implement GSEF Communications Strategy including: 

    • Regularly update and maintain the GSEF website. 

    • Create and implement content management schedules. 

    • Update social media pages. 

  • Work with the LRPC and BOD to promote GSEF initiatives to the UW graduate student community. 

  • Work with successful project applicants to publicize GSEF at their events. 

Joining GSEF and becoming a member of the team was a fun and meaningful experience during my graduate studies at the University of Waterloo. During my position, I worked with amazing people and I was exposed to interesting events and activities that I have never experienced before. I am glad that, as the GSEF Vice Coordinator, I have left an impact by contributing to graduate students’ academic and social experiences. I strongly encourage graduate students to apply for and join GSEF and I promise that you will not regret it! - Vice-Coordinator (Sept 2020 - Aug 2021)