Term Deadline to Apply Applicants Notified of Results Spending Period
Winter mid-February late March April 1* – Aug 31
Spring mid-June late July Aug 1* – Dec 31
Fall mid-October late November Dec 1* – April 30

Be sure to apply for funding in advance of your planned event or project start date. Applications for events that take place before the spending period begins will be rejected. For example, if you are planning an event for mid-October, apply during Spring term, not in the Fall.

Special or large events requiring longer-term advance planning may apply earlier; they should clearly state when funds will be spent. Spending deadline extensions require advance permission from the GSEF Board of Directors.

*: In the unlikely event that GSEF is late in notifying applicants (e.g. after the end of March for Winter applications) the spending period for winners starts as soon as they are notified.