Written with support from Najeebuddin Mohammed

Over the years, the Graduate Studies Endowment Fund has had the privilege of funding numerous unique projects that enhance the learning, research, and overall experience of graduate students at the University of Waterloo.

galt issue 1

galt. is one such initiative by the graduate students from the School of Architecture. It is an annual student-run peer-reviewed publication that aims to bring together the voices of designers, activists and academics in the field of architecture.

galt.'s mission is to curate and promote creativity and expression focused on architecture and design that influences our community. It seeks to create connections with design communities across Canada, while generating discourse and pinpointing our unique identity within the field.

GSEF is pleased to have provided financial support to the team behind “galt.” through the large project funding application, for printing of physical copies of the first issue of their magazine titled “alternating” as well as the printing of second issue titled “breaking”.

galt issue 2

galt. is expected to release their fourth issue titled “play pause” that aims to explore how the environment around us will change in the post-pandemic world. We wish them best of luck for the release in November 2021! For more information regarding their work, please visit their website and Instagram page.

If you or your student group have an idea that can energize the graduate student experience just like galt., please visit our “Apply for project funding” page for more information or contact the GSEF Coordinator at gsef@uwaterloo.ca. You can also check out other projects that GSEF has funded in the past