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On Campus Resources

Starting Independent Research Module

The Library has created a module to support graduate students who are getting started on independent research. Content in the module is geared towards master's students, but is still valuable to those starting their PhD program.

Statistical Consulting and Survey Research Unit

The Statistical Consulting and Survey Research Unit (SCSRU) provides statistical advice to those working on research problems, in addition to offering a full suite of survey research services that include survey methodology and sampling frame consultation, questionnaire design, programming, data collection (telephone, web, mail, face-to-face, and mixed mode surveys), sample weights, and data analysis. SCSRU services support clients to get accurate, meaningful results.

W3+ = Waterloo Womxn + Nonbinary Wednesdays

W3+ is a community of womxn and nonbinary grad students, postdocs, staff and faculty. The purpose of W3+ is to foster a social and support network among womxn and nonbinary members of the UW community. The group offers a safe space to discuss ideas, present research, and raise awareness about gender and sexuality at the university.

International Student Breakfast Seminars

Hosted by the Student Success Office, the Breakfast Seminar is a program where international students can gather in a leisurely, friendly setting to learn more about campus and community services and resources. Each seminar focuses on a different topic, and is a chance to meet new people, share experiences, get tips on academic and personal success, and enjoy a light breakfast!

Substance Harm Reduction Group

The Substance Harm Reduction Group is for students interested in making changes to their use of substances and who would like to explore this in a confidential and supportive environment. We will discuss topics that will help you better understand your relationship with substances and offer tools to gain the skills for safer use.

Graduate Student E-News

Keep up to date on new opportunities (e.g., events, jobs, workshops) on campus through subscribing to the Graduate Student E-News.


Read about experiences and tips from other graduate students at the University of Waterloo. You can also find information on how to submit your own story!

Guidelines for Graduate Student Employment

The Guidelines for Graduate Student Employment provides a lot of information on questions related to your employment at the University of Waterloo (e.g., TA, RA).

Guide for Graduate Research and Supervision

The Guide for Graduate Research and Supervision outlines the roles and responsibilities of the student, supervisor, department and more.

Thesis Printing and Binding

Information and options related to printing and binding your thesis are available on the W Print website.