W3+ : Waterloo Womxn + Nonbinary Wednesdays

W3+ Waterloo Womxn and Nonbinary Wednesdays, with a gold glittery background

W3+ (Waterloo Womxn + Nonbinary Wednesdays) is a community of womxn and nonbinary grad students, post-docs, staff and faculty.

The purpose of W3+ is to foster a social and support network among womxn and nonbinary members of the UW community. The group offers a safe space to discuss issues, provides a place to present university research, and raises awareness about gender and sexuality at the university both as a workplace and as a place for intellectual engagement.

Sessions range from research talks to workshops to fun activities. Feel free to join at any time!

W3+ during remote working conditions

We aren't holding monthly events this year, though we will host a day of online workshops on June 9 (get your proposal for a workshop in now!). In the meantime, we encourage you to join the conversations happening in our Microsoft Team! We have channels and mini-events to help you set and stay accountable to your work goals, to discuss equity issues at UW, to share your accomplishments, and to remind you to take breaks and stretch throughout your day, whether you're at home or on campus.

We want all womxn and nonbinary members of the UW community to be able to participate in our events and discussions. You are welcome to bring your kids to our events and if you require an accommodation, please let us know.

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