2018 Working Group on Salary Structure

The January 2018 Memorandum of Salary Settlement between the University and FAUW established a Working Group on Salary Structure (WGSS) because of an unintended inequity in our salary system. Lecturers were reaching the thresholds earlier in their career than professors, unfairly reducing their salary growth over time. 

The Working Group’s mandate was to “recommend adjustments to the structure to promote equitable influence of the selective increase system on relative career salary progression of lecturers.” The working group recommended increasing the lecturer thresholds and the changes were implemented retroactively to May 1, 2018.

The Public Report of the Working Group on Salary Structure

The working group report explains the rationale behind the recommendation, how salary increases and thresholds work, and the effect of the changes on lecturer salaries.

Retroactive increases and other information

The report doesn't cover how the retroactive implementation works or the effect on non-lecturers. We'll add more questions and answers here as they arise.

How do the retroactive changes affect lecturers?

Not all lecturers will see a retroactive pay increase. If your salary is affected, you will get a notice from Human Resources (HR) through interoffice mail and will see the adjustment in your February pay.

If your April 30, 2018 salary was below Threshold 1 for your rank at that time ($124,507 for lecturers and $153,231 for clinical lecturers), your salary will not be recalculated unless you experienced a feathering adjustment for the May 1, 2018 process. Otherwise, your salary will be recalculated to see if, and how, it is affected.

The precise calculation for the retroactive pay is a bit complicated but FAUW has conferred with HR and is satisfied the calculations are appropriate and consistent with the Memorandum of Salary Settlement and the WGSS report.

How does this affect professors?

The retroactive pay increase is only for lecturers and no other faculty will see any retroactive impact on their pay. Moving forward, the analysis by the WGSS predicts the change to the annual selective increases of professors (and all lecturers below the old threshold T1 for that matter) will be immaterial (e.g., 0-5% change in the dollar value of the annual selective increase amount).