While all regular faculty pay dues and are represented by FAUW as members of the bargaining unit, it's up to you whether to join as a voting member of the association.

Joining gives you voting rights in our elections, at general meetings, and on Memorandum of Agreement changes, and allows you to add to the diversity of voices on our Board of Directors, Council of Representatives, and committeesYou do not need to join in order to access FAUW services or attend events other than general meetings.

How to tell if you've already joined

  1. Find a recent email from FAUW.
  2. Check the subject line: If it starts with [FAUW Voters], you're already a voting member. If it starts with just [FAUW], you're not.

You can also contact to inquire.

How to join: regular faculty

If you're already represented by FAUW, you can join with no change to your deductions. (We represent everyone who has a regular facultyappointment, plus some part-time faculty. See the Memorandum of Agreement for more details.)

Fill out the online form below or download and send a paper form (PNG) to us in MC 4001.

Who else can join?

Membership is also open to other faculty members and professional librarians at the University of Waterloo and Conrad Grebel University College or United College. 

Please note that FAUW is the official representative of only regular faculty members employed by the University of Waterloo and we are unable to officially represent other employees to the University or college administration regardless of your membership status in FAUW.

To join, please download a special membership form (PDF) authorizing payroll deductions, and email your completed form to, or send it by inter-office mail.

Join now to become a voting member