Nominating and Elections Committee

The Nominating and Elections Committee (NEC) oversees FAUW elections and works to find the best-suited people to represent FAUW members on the Board and on University committees.

NEC oversees elections for the FAUW President and Board of Directors, according to the FAUW constitution and established election procedures. It also helps to recruit FAUW members for the Board, FAUW committees, University committees, and other roles within FAUW. See current opportunities to get involved.

Committee members

Name Department
Katy Fulfer, Chair Philosophy, Gender and Social Justice
Simron Singh School of Environment, Enterprise and Development
David Porreca, FAUW Board rep Classical Studies
Kumaraswamy (Ponnu) Ponnambalam Systems Design Engineering
Sara Perkins, Secretary FAUW Communications and Membership Services Officer

Inquiries may be directed to FAUW or any committee member.


See current opportunities to submit your expression of interest.

How it works

When a vacancy is identified for a FAUW representative on a University committee, the FAUW Board, a FAUW committee, or other roles, such as General Meeting chair, the NEC will notify the membership of the vacancy, explain responsibilities and commitment of the role, and collect expressions of interest from voting members. The NEC may also solicit suggestions of candidates from the FAUW Board and Council of Representatives, and may reach out to those people and encourage them to put their name forward for consideration.

The NEC then reviews all expressions of interest and provides the FAUW Board or president* with a provisional ranking of top candidates (along with a written rationale) to help them make their selection for appointment. The Board or president makes the final decision and appointment, depending on the position. All applications are confidential among the committee and the Board or president.

*Some FAUW representatives are appointed by the FAUW president according to the Memorandum of Agreement, policy, or committee terms of reference. In other cases, the decision is made by the Board. See the Terms of Reference for details.