FAUW elections

FAUW members elect directors in the winter term every year (alternating between six Faculty-specific seats one year and four at-large plus one lecturer-specific seat the next year), and a president every two years.

Next election

An election will be held in spring 2024 to elect five directors to the Faculty Association Board, representing the faculties of: Arts, Engineering, Environment, Health, and Science.

2024 elections timeline:

  • Friday, March 1: Nominations open
  • Wednesday, March 13, 4:00 p.m.: Nominations close
  • Wednesday, March 20: Voting opens via electronic ballot
  • Friday, April 5, 1:30 p.m.: Voting closes
  • Tuesday, April 9: Results announced at the Spring General Meeting


Faculty members who have opted in as voting members of the Faculty Association are eligible to run, nominate candidates, and vote in FAUW elections. Members who have voting membership in the Renison Association of Academic Staff are not eligible.

Check if you have voting rights: Voting members' emails from FAUW have [FAUW Voters] in the subject line. Non-voters' emails start with just [FAUW].

What do directors do?

The FAUW Board of Directors oversees FAUW governance and strategic direction, including in relation to the budget, policy development, salary negotiations, and the protection of member rights.

In general, boards of directors for any association act in the best interests of the organization, set the overall direction of the organization, and are concerned with mission achievement, long-term viability, stakeholder trust and confidence, and financial stewardship.

The Board meets every other week on Thursday afternoons, from 2:30–4:30 p.m. Board members may also assume a leadership role on a particular project or matter within the Board mandate, and four members are appointed to the Executive Committee and/or Faculty Relations Committee each year.

What does the president do?

The FAUW president leads and oversees the association's operations as well as representing the association at the University and in the broader community.

The president is charged with the general management and supervision of the association's affairs and helps to set the tone for FAUW's organizational culture. They are expected to work collaboratively with a range of stakeholder groups and communicate effectively with members about the association’s work on their behalf. The president chairs bi-weekly board meetings, supervises staff, and assigns tasks to board members and other FAUW volunteers. The FAUW president is also a champion for academic freedom, collegial governance, and equity, and works with the University administration to promote FAUW’s objectives.

Can I nominate someone else?

There is no way to nominate someone without their participation, but if you know someone you think would make a good Board member, you can encourage them to run and then sign their nomination form, or recommend them to the Nominating and Elections Committee

What happens once I submit my form?

  • FAUW staff will confirm that you and your nominators are voting members and notify anyone who still needs to join.
  • If we don't have signatures from you and three nominators, or you're not all voting members of the Association by the deadline, you cannot be included on the ballot.
  • You can tell anyone you want that you are running. FAUW will not announce the names of candidates until after the deadline.

More information

Read more about FAUW's election procedures.

Please direct questions about elections procedures to a member of the Nominating and Elections Committee.